Les Maux de dame terre
Nature has brought light to man. But that human inexorably abuses it without wanting to share it, not even with its growing shadow. He decides to get rid of this black reflection, but she swallows him in her path. The light has gone now. Drowned into darkness, Man and his shadow are transformed into a ghost. To get out of the night and artificial lights, a simple act could bring clarity again.
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Hakawati de Julien Tatham et Mathieu Mirol


September 23, 2012· Performance·
Hakawati, which means : Fortune tale teller in Arabic, is a peaceful wandering. It is a journey that begins in an airport and leads us into one of the most savage natures: the desert. As nomads, the story evoluate within the dry winds in the troubled land. We walk in search of an oasis, and in front of this source, the calm installs itself, immersed in a meditative well. From the water element, the journey starts again but now the movement exist in the spirit and from the creative act. It is a tale that deals with our roots, earth, water. It is a journey, a gross visual and sonic adventure, and distant where improvisation has its place.
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Because we don't know this place (live) by Julien Tatham
Artistic performance which interact ‘live’ different arts: music, video, dance, contemporary art and acting. Disciplines co-exist together to tell a modern fable where history is not fixed.
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