Julien Tatham

June 25, 2015 · About ·  Artist

« Something happened one day in a city. While I was walking, I got jostled by someone in the pressing crowd… I had to stop.
And while staying still, I realized that we were all moving at the same speed, swept into an unceasing stream. We couldn’t really see clearly anything around us. I stayed motionless and decided to change of pace to see differently. 


Julien Tatham working

Multimedia’s artist, Julien Tatham is a concept creator. Working as a scenographer, he practices photography, film and visual art.
By adopting a shift position, he depicts the hidden poetry in the details and reveals the extra-ordinary of the ordinary through the different layers of our reality.

After graduating in fine arts (including movies) at the university of Rennes 2 (France), he lived in Paris where he directed several short films including Lydia, 15 ans (2007) a musical film about the impressions of a young girl “wandering” on the Internet. This film will be selected at Detmold International Experimental Film Festival in Germany.

In 2014, Julien Tatham moved to Brussels (Belgium) to shoot the movie Because we don’t know this place, we are going there, the story of Noah, compartmentalized in her life, that experience a changement in her perception when one day she discovers her shadow in a mirror.

He created in 2009 the live performance with the same title that was played at the Point Ephemere in Paris during the festival « les plans d’avril ». Because of the immediacy and the direct relationship with the music, live performance allows Julien Tatham to establish a narrative connexion between the different expressions of performing arts, such as music and dance.
He also created Hakawati, that was played at the Institut du monde Arabe in Paris in 2012. Hakawati is a peaceful journey where wandering was the aim story of this tale.

In his photographic work, inspired by anonymity and public waiting areas (as bus shelters, train stations), Julien Tatham works mainly with a smartphone, a lightweight device allowing him to capture easily life subjects. Between 2014 and 2015 he made a serial of photographs called “Us Stop”. Out of the phone, first publisher dedicated to mobile photography managed by Pierre Le Govic, selected a photo for the publication of the book : “1 camera, 100 photographers“. Another photography of these series was exhibited at the International conference “Mobile (photographic) creation” on December 2015 in Paris (IRCAV). This art work has also been featured in the cultural webzine Fubiz.

In his visual art work Julien Tatham creates compositions mixing paint, paper collages, digital images, photographs and drawings. In a dark dominant color, he plays with volumes to bring out the depth of a character, the contours of a story or the multitude of emotions, blending a realistic world with some other more mysterious or supernatural.



+ We are artists
PHOTOGRAPHY - Bruxelles – May 27 to June 5 - 2016

+ La rencontre des peintres - 30ème édition
PHOTOGRAPHY - Saint Céneri le Gerei – May 14,15 & 16 - 2016

+ La maison du Canal
PHOTOGRAPHY - Paris – April 8 to 29 - 2016

+ Regards Croisés - Collectif Expo
PHOTOGRAPHY - Mjc Vaulx-en-Velin (Lyon) – November 4th to 22nd 2015

+ Out of the phone
PHOTOGRAPHY - Published in the Book "The mobile photo book" directed by Pierre Le Govic – December 2014

PHOTOGRAPHY - Paris - «Mobile (Photographic) Creation » at the National Institute of art history - 4-5 december 2014

+ La rencontre des peintres - 27ème édition
PAINTING - Saint Céneri le Gerei - May 2012

+ « Interférence » à la rencontre des peintres - 20ème édition
PAINTING - Saint Céneri le Gerei - May 2005

+ Local Héros
ART VIDEO - Rennes, Collective exhibition "Local Héros, des artistes en Bretagne" - Galerie Art & Essai, Galerie du Cloître – La criée, 1996


+ Fête du court métrage
FILM - « Us Stop » selected at the 'best of' International Mobile Innovation Screening
Strasbourg – December 2015

+ Without Words Film Festival
FILM - « Us Stop » selected
Marseille - November 2015

+ Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
FILM - « Us Stop » selected
Wellington – New Zealand – December 2015

+ International Mobile Innovation Screening 2015
FILM - « Us Stop » selected (Mina Mobile Innovation Screening)
Melbourne - November 2015

+ Institut du monde Arabe
PERFORMANCE - « Hakawati » performed live - organized by the Student of Paris.
Paris – October 2012

+ International Short Film Festival Detmold
FILM - « Lydia 15 ans » selected
ISFF Detmold – Juin 2007

+ Plans d'Avril
PERFORMANCE - « Because we don't know this place » performed live at the Point Éphémère
Paris – April 2009


La Libre.be
PHOTOGRAPHY - "Quatre expos qui sortent carrément de l'ordinaire" – May 2016

Orne Hebdo
PHOTOGRAPHY - "Us Stop - exposition à la rencontre des peintres de Saint Céneri" – May 2016

PHOTOGRAPHY - "EXPOSITIONS WAA 2016 : le Chatelain aux artistes !" – May 2016

+ Que faire à Paris ?
PHOTOGRAPHY - "Us Stop - exposition à la maison du Canal" – April 2016

+ Juxtapoz
PHOTOGRAPHY - "Us Stop" by Julien Tatham - by Linnie Cole – January 2016

+ Spontaneity
PHOTOGRAPHY - Spontaneity by Ruth McKee - Spontaneity issue 8 – November 2015
Inspired by "Missed love" by Julien Tatham - Creases by Clare Archibald
Inspired by "Mother figure" by Julien Tatham - Wish you were here by Maureen Curran

+ Rooster GNN
PHOTOGRAPHY - "Immortalare l'ordinario : People at bus stop" di Julien Tatham - by Azzurra Resmini – October 2015

+ Plateform Magazine
PAINTING - by Laurence Guenoun – October 2015

+ Lost at Eminor
PHOTOGRAPHY - "This photographer captures strangers waiting at bus stops in a beautiful way" - by Rachel Oakley – September 2015

+ Taxi Magazine
PHOTOGRAPHY - "Photographer Captures Beautiful, Dreamy Images Of Strangers Waiting At Bus Stops" - by Jillian Wong – September 2015

+ Fubiz
PHOTOGRAPHY - "People at Bus Stop Photography" - by Daniella – September 2015

+ Design Raid Magazine
PHOTOGRAPHY - "This french artist captures people waiting at bus stops" - by Design Raid – September 2015

+ Stimulant
PHOTOGRAPHY - "Bus stop shots. Is there beauty in urban life when it comes to a halt? " - by Jennifer Horn – September 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY - "Fine art from an iPhone? The best Instagram photos from 2014" Out of the phone - by Allyssia Alleyne – December 2014

+ Focus Numerique
PHOTOGRAPHY - "The mobile photo book" de Out of the phone - by Katia Cordova – December 2014

+ Ionosonde Recordings
FILM - "Now Appearing In" - by Telegraphy - September 2014

+ La blugture
PERFORMANCE - "Une histoire d'art-mour pas éphèmère : Julien Tatham aux plans d'avril" - by Frédérick de Baro – April 2009

Photos credits : Joanne Tatham & Mathieu Mirol